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Geoff and Lindsay Chandler 
766 Lapland Rd  Waterville, Vt 05492
Northern Vermont Llama Co
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Why Llamas?


Llamas are wonderful!  With their wide eyes, elegant necks and luxurious fiber, llamas are regal but lovable animals. They are calm, easy to handle and magic with children.  Domesticated for 5000 years in South American, llamas are specially suited to the harsh, Andean environment, so they are hardy, healthy and easy to care for.  Llamas are used as pack animals, breeding stock, wool producers, guardian animals and beloved companions. 


Llamas are independent and intelligent, yet their dignified demeanor often gives way to curiosity.  They will greet you with an outstretched nose and a warm sniff.  Graceful in repose, they also entertain with their playful antics.


So when people ask “Why llamas?’ we reply, “Just for the love of llamas!”


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