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Llama Treks

An out-of-the-ordinary way for your family to explore Vermont

Since the time of the Incas, llamas have been called “the ship of the Andies”.  Intelligent and surefooted, llamas are outstanding pack animals, and their peaceful disposition makes them excellent hiking companions.

Here at Northern Vermont Llama Treks, we offer leisurely hikes in the lush Green Mountains.  Take a walk accompanied by these gentle creatures. Our llamas will carry your picnic leaving you free to explore and enjoy Vermont’s  beauty.  Their natural curiosity alerts you to many of nature’s treasures. The leisurely pace makes our treks fun for hikers of all ages from toddlers to seniors.  Snacks of fresh fruit, baked goods and beverages are included in the half day hikes.

Summer Season  begins June 15th, 2019
        Wed                 10:00-1:00
        Thursday        10:00-1:00
        Sat                    10:00-1:00

$60.00 per adult, $40 per youth 7-12 .  6 and under free

Generally, 1 llama for 2 people to share. Occasionally 1 llama per family.
Sorry, Youth who are free are not guaranteed a llama to lead, but may share a llama with family members. 

Fall Treks will not be offered this year.


 All Treks depart from the Village Center at Smuggler’s Notch Resort

Reservations are required.
Please contact:

Northern Vermont Llama Co 802-644-2257 or
Smuggler’s Notch Resort       802-644-1293    
check out parent approved trekaroo llama treks

The magic of llamas  

Here’s a modern day fairy tale for you: Once upon a time, a family came to Vermont on vacation and signed up for a llama trek, which involved a hike through the woods leading llamas. The 16-year-old son thought this was a stupid idea. The 13-year-old daughter did not want to be seen with her family. Twin 6-year-old boys were scared to death of the llamas, and a 3-year-old was in nonstop talk mode. Dad was on his cell phone and Mom was insisting that everyone was going to have fun.



But then the llamas began to cast their spell… The 16-year-old was assigned to the llama with attitude. He had to work with this llama to gain its trust. They bonded, and the match was magic! The 13-year-old was given the friendliest llama, who liked loving. He was so sweet, she fell for him head over heels and forgot all about her image. The twins were matched with the gentle llama, which followed them anywhere. They were soon planning how to get the llama home so he could live in the family’s garage. The 3-year-old chatted continuously to her llama as it happily followed the sound of her voice for the whole trek. Dad put away his cell phone and Mom relaxed. The family came back for years and always said it was their best family event ever! Now that’s a happy ending.




The arrival of the llama van in the Resort’s main lot often attracts quite a bit of attention. The llamas are unloaded, brushed and loaded with their packs. As trekkers arrive, they can pet the llamas and ask Lindsay questions. She recalls one mom who came up prior to a trek to explain a special situation: “She told me that her daughter had FOL. I wondered if this was some sort of health challenge I wasn’t familiar with, but it turned out to be Fear of Llamas! We headed out on the trek and the girl’s mom led the llama at the beginning of the hike. Every time we stopped, the llama would slowly walk over to the girl when she wasn’t looking and eventually gave her a llama kiss. Soon the girl was leading the llama, forgetting all about her FOL!” According to Lindsay, it is truly amazing how llamas on visits to schools or nursing homes find and approach a person who needs an emotional lift. Yet another indication of the magic these animals can work.


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